Lindsay L Benedict

Primarily through physicality and the use of the body to articulate emotions, I use film, photographs, paintings, performances, and sound pieces to play with the boundaries of documentation, representation, and marking (personal) history. Constantly humbled by life’s unpredictability and richness, I attempt to amplify it as itself.

Painting has become the contemplative time for me in which I am able to digest the world around me. The hours spent making paintings are an intellectual process and an emotional connection to myself. My relationship to society is complex and ever-changing, this private time in the studio allows for access to a hidden depth.

Lindsay Benedict presents us with fragments and gestures that examine and question social relations. In her work, affect and raw emotion are often deployed to disrupt and destabilize any simple reading of human connections. Self-presentation is central to her practice, throwing light on the cultural coding and constructedness of our identities. By using her body as an emoting vehicle to work through issues of race, culture, religion and gender Benedict sets out a unique set of DIY parameters to explore. She received a BA from Williams College, an MFA from UC Berkeley and was a recent studio fellow at the Whitney Museum of Art Independent Study Program. Benedict lives in Brooklyn and France and has shown at Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers, Le Confort Moderne, Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Languedoc-Roussillon Cinéma in Europe; and in New York City at JACK HANLEY Gallery, Rotunda, Bose Pacia, and PS 122, and performed at The Tank, Dixon Place, and in the Movement Research 2009 Spring Festival. And, while she was living in California, her work was also exhibited/screened at the Berkeley Art Museum, the Emergency Biennial, the Detroit Museum of New Art (MONA), New Langton Arts in San Francisco, and the Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley, CA.